Dominik de Bruijne

"I want to show something of God's great love"

Dominik de Bruijne has been working as a missionary in the East German town of Ribnitz-Damgarten since September 2023. Dominik went to the Patchwork Center in Schwerin in 2021 to complete his internship as part of his Theology studies. After completing his studies, he felt called to stay in East Germany and continued to work in Schwerin. Dominik would like to contribute to the construction of the small East German church.

In September 2022, Dominik came into contact with 'die Brücke', a newly established Christian community in Ribnitz-Damgarten. This community was looking for their first pastor. The contact was positive and Dominik agreed to become the pastor of 'die Brücke'. The community has called him for 50%, but through ECM, Dominik works full time as a missionary in Ribnitz-Damgarten.

Dominik lives in a neighborhood with many young people. This neighborhood also houses the meeting center of 'die Brücke'. Dominik has a special passion for children's work, and will primarily focus on this. In addition, Dominik would like to guide and strengthen people who have already come to know Jesus in their faith. His dream is that the meeting center in Ribnitz will fill up with people of all ages, who together unanimously praise and glorify God.

Candidate to Germany
País de origem
The Netherlands