David & Linda James

It is amazing what people who say they don't believe really believe. Lord, open their eyes!

David and Linda James have served with ECM in southern Austria since 1996. Primarily, they both have roles in the ECMI international office, but also ministry in their local church. They are equipping and facilitating people into and in kingdom-building roles and activities across Europe.

Initially, much of their ministry was in developing local, regional and national youth ministries. However, as the need for a Human Resources department within ECMI became clear, David’s focus turned in this direction – drawing on this background in HR in the UK. The role has expanded further, and he is the Operations Director for ECMI, part of the International Leadership Team, with oversight of the HR, training and development, member care, communications and IT functions.

Linda uses her expertise to edit and publish internal documents – mostly policy and procedure documents that help ensure the mission runs smoothly (for many years she worked bi-vocationally as a technical writer/editor).

David is the Cluster Leader for Austria – giving direction, care and support to the other ECMers in Austria.

Linda also leads the International Life Group in our local church and David supports her in this. The 20+ members cover 10 different nationalities, so we are blessed with rich and diverse cultural input to our Bible studies!

Operations Director ECMI & Cluster Leader ECM Austria (David) & Advisory Group Leader and Documentation Specialist (Linda)
País de origem

With ECM since 1996

David and Linda