Anna Crawford

Peter and Anna Crawford have recently moved to Athens from Lisbon, Portugal, where they had been involved for over 12 years in church planting, mission leadership and member care.

“God began to stir in our hearts to make this move about three years ago, about the time when ECM leadership had started to pray and think about developing a new presence in Greece. By the beginning of this year, 2020, we read Oswald Chamber’s devotional book (My Utmost for His Highest) and, through the phrase “Will you go out, not knowing?” (Jan 2nd)  we strongly felt the call to move out, even with the disruption caused by the Coronavirus Pandemic

Having arrived in Athens in July, we are now settling in, learning Greek, praying and waiting on God to show us how ministry should develop, both personally for ourselves and for ECM in Greece. Ministry opportunities are being explored. Relationships are being developed. God is at work, and we look forward to the team he will build together to serve the Church here in this highly strategic corner of Europe.”

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