Günther & Mallory Fugger

We want to see the people of Austria, from the old Viennese to the recent immigrant, know the true Jesus.

As an Austrian, Günther wants to invest back into his own people. As an immigrant, Mallory can relate to newcomers trying to make Vienna home.

Mallory’s primary ministry is focused on building bridges between the LGBT+ community and the Church, as well as making churches safe and life-giving for gender and sexual minorities. She is passionate about the theological metaphors of both marriage and singleness. She enjoys engaging in related conversations as they come naturally and in more formal circumstances. Her goal is to help others approach difficult situations with humility, truth and love.

Günther works in elderly in-home care while serving at church. He enjoys preaching most of all, encouraging people to go deeper in the Word. Evangelism is also important to him, as well as caring for those who have a harder time connecting with the rest of the church.

Together, Mallory and Günther love to show hospitality by inviting people over to their home regularly, treating out–of–town visitors to coffee and fancy cake, and making sure everyone knows they have a place to stay in Vienna–even you!

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