Giorgos & Luciana Christoforides

Luciana Oliveira and George (Giorgos) Christoforides are a married couple working in Athens, Greece. 

George works as an IT Administrator for AMG International, which includes their offices, community centres and their bookstore franchise (Logos Bookstores). He also helps other local ministries with their technological needs such as Scripture Union, Greek Bible College, Greater Europe Mission, Community House Damaris, EuroRelief and Hellenic Ministries.. He also leads camps for young people throughout the year and is one of the youth leaders at their church.
Luciana, before moving to Greece, worked in Northern Ireland with the Simon Community and Belfast Interface Project. She then got a job with Hellenic Ministries in Greece running a centre for the Roma Community in Athens. Throughout the week, Luciana works with her team facilitating literacy classes, art classes, and many other activities with the intention of improving the emotional and physical well-being of the participants.
Luciana and George’s long term vision is to plant a Church in the Roma community in the hope that some people from the centre Luciana runs will come to it.  Please pray for them in their endeavour.

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