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The history of Christianity in the Czech Republic dates back to the 10th century when the nation embraced the religion under the leadership of Saint Wenceslaus. Protestantism emerged in the 15th century through Jon Russ, who boldly criticised the Roman Catholic Church and emphasised the ultimate authority of the word of God in human life. This brought diversity to the country until Catholicism was restored in the 17th century. In the 20th century, communism's rise and promotion of atheism radically transformed the religious landscape towards a predominantly non-religious population while protestants are only 1,1% of the population.

Preaching the gospel in the country remains a significant challenge. Nevertheless, our work primarily takes place in Moravia, where we confidently focus on translating and utilising evangelism and discipleship courses from Christianity Explored. Martina, a first-culture worker, has been instrumental in translating these materials, which churches across the country use. Our unwavering goal is to touch lives and see God's name glorified through the transformative ministry she conducts there. Martina is also actively involved with a local church and other organisations in her context.

We invite you to join us in supporting the work being carried out in the Czech Republic and to get involved through your mind, heart, prayer, and action.

If the Lord has placed the Czech Republic on your heart, and you have the relevant training and experience, please contact your nearest ECM office.

ECM’s purpose is to glorify God by the planting and developing of reproducing churches that evangelise and disciple the peoples of Europe. To gain a better understanding of who we are, please take a few moments to read our values.  

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Six unreached people groups exist in the Czech Republic, comprising 12 thousand individuals, which is approximately 1% of the population. (Joshua Project) 

The evangelical annual growth rate is 0.3% (compared to the global rate of 2.3%). 

The Czech Republic ranks 25th on the prosperity index, which underscores its good safety, security, and economic quality. (Rankings :: Legatum Prosperity Index 2023)

One of the most developed economies in central Europe, with a strong tradition of industry and manufacturing. Unemployment is higher among older population, but is generally low. Tourism is a vital and increasing economic sector. Pension and healthcare reforms are significant economic issues in an aging population.

The statistics are meant to give an impression, not to stigmatise. Statistics taken from "Operation World, 7th edition, 2010", see also

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