Saszko & Ania Nezamutdinov

I dream of a church where the average Polish person can feel comfortable, where the worship style makes sense but the gospel is not compromised.

Church planter in Poland

Sashko Nezamutdinov is based in Krakow, Poland where he is involved with a team who are church planting and reaching out to young adults disillusioned with the Church, or sceptical about it, through university student ministry, art ministry and apologetics ministry. 

Krakow is the second-largest city in Poland, with a population of 800,000 but an Evangelical community of no more than 1,000.

Currently, Sashko is leading an international group of young adults who are seeking to plant a Reformed church in the city. His passion is the process of making the gospel message relevant to different groups of people depending on where they are at geographically, socially, culturally or spiritually. This happens through different social projects, Facebook posts, conversations over coffee, text messages, sermons or blog articles. 

The church that Sashko is leading reaches out to the local community through arts (including an annual Art&Thought Forum), women’s ministry and student ministry. Sashko also runs a small Reformed publishing house. He loves reading, listening to jazz and watching not-so-famous TV series from different countries around the world. 

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