World Cafe

Plantação de igrejas
Ministry Type:
Avanços e evangelismoMercy Ministries

ECM missionary Rita Rimkiene serves the people of Gloucester through The World Cafe. Here are her own words about the ministry:

'Everyone needs a safe, welcoming and compassionate community, and at World Cafe we are committed to creating a space where people are loved and accepted as they are. We particularly welcome those who have suffered war and persecution in their home countries and have become refugees or asylum seekers in Britain. The World Cafe functions on a give-as-you-can basis. People give time, share their skills and gifts, and support World Cafe financially. It is a place where equality, justice and respect are very important. The table is the beginning of a journey; food and life are shared in equal portions. People make friends and help each other, and there is always a space to talk about our spirituality and God's presence in our lives. We have English classes, social nights twice a month, a summer kids club and Bible studies. What is most important is the personal relationship with families, which often begins at our social night and then develops beyond the walls of the World Cafe.'

To find out more, you can join the following Facebook group: World Cafe in Gloucester